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    RIF is down also the other forum site OTz owns by Jordan

    It is the sad fate of many forums and communities today.
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    Uncrowned Gaming (Gaming Community)

    🎮 Step Up Your Game with Uncrowned Gaming: Your Ultimate Gaming Community! 🎮 Gamers, assemble! If you're passionate about first-person shooters, third-person adventures, and everything esports, Uncrowned Gaming is the place to be. Dive into a world where gaming is not just a hobby, but a...
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    Uncrowned Addiction (Off-Topic/Tech Community)

    🚀 Welcome to Uncrowned Addiction: Your Go-To Tech Community! 🚀 Are you passionate about technology? Looking for a hub where you can discuss the latest tech trends, get advice, and share your knowledge? Look no further – Uncrowned Addiction is the community you've been searching for! 🔍 What is...
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    There are many guests on SCF despite no users

    Sadly it would be hard to sell now as the community appears to have moved on. The window is closing for sure.
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    Neighbors wifi misused for hacking gadgets

    If your neighbor can access your LAN network with their WiFi against your will then you really need to update the firmware of your devices and even then it is probably only possible by enabling some horrendously terrible feature like allowing smart devices to auto-connect to public wifi. I...
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    Matthew Perry from Friends has passed away

    Sadly, most drownings are drug or alcohol related when it comes to adults.
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    Sadly once the hosting bill goes unpaid this will not be an option.
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    Do you switch off your computer, wifi at night

    I actually rarely use it lol. Mostly just maintain it for the others.
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    Do you switch off your computer, wifi at night

    There is a lot our server is around 16TB of media now. Most of it is movies, but we have a good variety of stuff. A lot of music as well. TV Shows are kind of a pain to deal with. Essentially anything we brought on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, etc in our life (well last like 10-15 years) is on the server.
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    Chit Chat Thread

    How is everyone?
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    Do you switch off your computer, wifi at night

    We have the movies, shows, and music that we own on it. So we do not have to deal with cable or streaming subscriptions. Plus we also own our media, so it can't just randomly disappear one day.
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    Do you switch off your computer, wifi at night

    We run a media server for our family, so they can access it at any time. Our camera system also backs up to an offsite system at night. Plus the internet doesn't use much power, so it really was never a major concern to shut it down.
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    Do you switch off your computer, wifi at night

    Our home server is on 24/7 and our internet is also on 24/7. But I do switch off my normal PC after I am done using it.
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    If SCF is closed or Down

    A missing admin is always a sad way to see a community end. I hope things can turn around and maybe keep going.
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    Falsely claiming to own the credit card of another person

    Credit Card fraud is actually one of the easiest ways to end up in a ton of trouble here in the US. If someone steals your wallet, one of the first things they ask is if it had any credit cards in them as trying to use one will be an easy road to a felony here for the person.
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    Ya, I have used paid posters at time during times of inactivity to help boost my communities. I even recommend it as a great tactic for building a community. But being fully paid is not much of a community and not paying those people for their work is simply terrible for everything.
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    Equipment to hack wireless network

    Well, it could also be a hidden network. That should just be a setting on the hotspot, but I can't say they all offer that setting.
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    What sport did you play often as a child?

    Grade school was mostly basketball at the park until I got into team based Football and Basketball in highschool. Then got into paintball and also football outside of highschool teams as well.