A bit late in life , but started car driving lessons ... :)

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I am only doing it on Sunday's ...

That whole day is the only day without work for me ...

So tomorrow being Sunday , i will go out with that friend of mine ... :)
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How is the driving? :)

I just came back from one of those driving practice sessions ...

It was good this time ...

I can easily control the car now ...

I even went to the town area too where there was more traffic on the roads ...

i could not go beyond the 3rd gear in those roads ...

but this time i was feeling very comfortable in those roads on slower speeds ... :)
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Wow i drove in the highway for the first time today for at least 10 kilometers ...

Driving on a busy highway can be challenging, but with the right mindset and some key strategies, you can navigate traffic safely. Here are some tips for driving on a busy highway:
  1. Stay Calm and Focused:
    • Keep a calm and focused mindset. Avoid aggressive driving behaviors and stay patient.
  2. Maintain a Safe Following Distance:
    • Keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. This provides you with enough time to react to sudden changes in traffic.
  3. Use Your Mirrors:
    • Regularly check your rearview and side mirrors to be aware of the traffic around you. This helps you anticipate potential issues and make informed decisions.
  4. Signal Early:
    • Use your turn signals well in advance of any lane changes or exits. This helps other drivers anticipate your movements.
  5. Stay in the Right Lane Except to Pass:
    • On multi-lane highways, use the right lane unless you are passing slower traffic. Move back to the right lane once you've completed the pass.
  6. Obey Speed Limits:
    • Follow posted speed limits and adjust your speed according to traffic conditions. Speeding can increase the likelihood of accidents, especially in heavy traffic.
  7. Merge Smoothly:
    • When merging onto the highway, match your speed to the flow of traffic and find a safe gap to merge into.
  8. Plan Ahead:
    • Anticipate upcoming exits, lane changes, and traffic conditions. Knowing the road ahead can help you make better decisions.
  9. Be Aware of Blind Spots:
    • Check your blind spots before changing lanes. Be cautious of other drivers' blind spots as well.
  10. Use Your Lights:
    • Use your headlights, especially during low-light conditions or inclement weather, to make your vehicle more visible to others.
  11. Avoid Distractions:
    • Minimize distractions like using your phone or adjusting the radio. Keep your attention on the road.
  12. Be polite, respectful, or considerate in manner.
    • Be a courteous driver. Allow others to merge, use turn signals, and avoid aggressive maneuvers.
  13. Exit Safely:
    • When approaching your exit, signal early and move into the exit lane if necessary. Avoid last-minute lane changes.
  14. Stay Informed:
    • Be aware of traffic reports and weather conditions before you start your journey. This can help you plan for any potential challenges on the road.
Remember, safety is the top priority. Always adhere to traffic rules, stay focused, and adjust your driving behavior based on the current conditions. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to take a break or pull over to regroup.