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We're thrilled to announce the launch of Admin Junkies 3.0 – our latest forum theme that's all about personalization and style. This is not just an update; it's a complete overhaul designed with you in mind.

What’s New?
  • Theme Editor: Customize your forum experience with our new theme editor. Personalize to your taste!
  • Dark Mode: Dive into the sleekness of dark mode, giving you a stylish look with a focus on comfort for those late-night browsing sessions.
  • Wider View: Spread out with our more expansive layout and enjoy a broader visual structure for your discussions.
  • Grid View: Switch up how you see forum listings with an easy-to-navigate grid view.
  • Illustrated Grid View: Customize your grid view with unique background images for each forum, or keep it simple by turning them off.
  • Sidebar Options: Optimize your space by closing the sidebar for a streamlined look, or keep it open to stay fully engaged.
  • Sticky Sidebar: Keep your most important tools at hand with a sidebar that smartly sticks by your side.
  • Animated Header: Add a little life to your forum with moving particles in the header area – or switch them off when you crave simplicity.
  • Graphic Backgrounds: Choose from a selection of granite backgrounds to give your forum space a distinctive edge.
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Your journey with Admin Junkies is what propels us forward. As we step into this new chapter, your thoughts and feedback are invaluable. Dive into Admin Junkies 3.0, explore the nuances, and let us know what you think. Every comment, every suggestion, will help us create the most welcoming and dynamic space for webmasters far and wide.
As always, if you're not fond of the new theme, our 2.0 is still available in the theme selector. :) For now our new theme has been set default. We still have many great things coming! :D

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Step into Admin Junkies 3.0 and customize your experience like never before. We can't wait to see the forums through your eyes.

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Hey everyone!

Big news from Admin Junkies – our Member Appreciation Fest (MAF) is officially underway, and we're all about celebrating YOU this March! 🎊 It's a time for gratitude, fun, and a ton of community spirit.

We've also rolled out some fresh site updates to enhance your experience. Expect a sleeker layout that simplifies navigation and brings a focus on user-friendliness. Plus, we're introducing a couple of exciting features:

  • Conversation Overhaul & New Chat Room: Dive into meaningful discussions or check out our new chat feature. It's in the test phase, so your feedback is crucial!
  • Community Knockout: Join the friendly rivalry in our website vs. website competition. Help us test it out and let's see who comes out on top!
  • New Badges & More: Stay tuned for cool new badges and tweaks to enrich your AJ journey.
  • Pricing Updates: We've updated prices for our content bundles and services. Check the sticky topics for all the details.
This month is packed with raffles, auctions, and giveaways, as a big THANK YOU for being such an amazing part of our community. Your input is invaluable to us – whether it's praise, suggestions, or anything you've noticed that might be off.

Let's make this March unforgettable and turn MAF into a yearly highlight! Thanks for being the best part of Admin Junkies. Looking forward to catching up with you on the forum – or perhaps in our new chat room?