Agree or disagree that life begins at 40

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I often hear the term "Life Begins at 40". I think this term will only describe that someone who is turning forty is already entering an age that is mature and stable both emotionally and financially.
That's perfect. It's expected at that age a person is stable and mature enough in handling finances and family.
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I think it depends. It could be a start of a happy and fruitful life being mature and having acquired skills and good job.
You're so right on that dear lady. At that age one has already a stable job.
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Just knowing that I communicated to her that now she can find me here. This because now I have definitively abandoned RIF and if she needs help, I am ready to intervene. Oops, this goes for you too, dearest, so if you need, ask me as well.
Thank you.
You're welcome, I hope you're okay this time free from emotional stress.