Are you good at any sports ?


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I love playing cricket ...

I was the captain of my class football and cricket team ... back in the school days until my 10th grade ...

From those games , i love cricket the most ...

In it i used to love bowling .... and i was good at it ....

We could not play much after those school years ...
At least not that frequently ...

After long years , we have started playing in a small stadium with our friends at work ... and it feels really good ...

Shaun pollock of south africa bowling and Curtly ambrose of west indies bowling



And sometimes it feels like that old bowling rhythm is coming back to me ... i was born in 1985

Thanks for reading :)
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Cool , and you have broad shoulders like some Olympic swimmers ?

Do you have any advice for people trying to learn swimming ?

I haven't learned swimming , and i am planning to include it my list of things to learn and do :)