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How the community was taken for a ride when in the midst of posting suddenly the Site became NOT A PAID TO POST SITE and those who spoke about it were warned.

I found this link which tells what it was when it first started

I am not a member of that forum, but if you were/are supposed to be paid by @Brad P I suggest going to PayPal and even Index Forum about this. They may likely restrict him from doing this in the future. I have done some paid posts on my forum I owned, but I paid the people up front via IRL money or forum credits. I'd highly suggest you ask to be paid up front before you begin services.
This is bizarre. They should not have started it like that and since they had then they should have stuck with it.
This is bizarre. They should not have started it like that and since they had then they should have stuck with it.
Agreed. I have stepped down as admin for this reason. I’m sorry, but I cannot ethically be in a position of power where the leader seems to come and go to abandon projects when he pleases. From what I’ve seen members were not even paid on time and constantly had to nag him.

Just to clarify, I am not responsible for this and I have received PMs from members right from the start, and yet I was not even made aware of who the paid posters were and this approach when it had begun!

Expect this to be my final word. I hope you all get this settled, but I no longer wish to have involvement in this bizarre matter.

This has caused me substantial stress - I feel like I’ve been thrown under the bus as the main co-admin and this is not fair on me, I have no contact info for the site owner and I thereby step down from my position.

Thank you for your understanding, I’ve enjoyed interacting with you during my time here and despite all this, have formed many pleasant memories 🥰💕💜
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It was such a weird experience from the affected members and i feel for you,I only hope that this matter is resolved for those that have been affected.

Personally i write a pm to the site owner after i was reffered to him to get clarity,for quite a while i never got a response from him.Since i joined the site as a paid to post site.I could not post any further until i got a response from the owner.
@iamaeriter I apologise for your experience. Please note that my action was not a warning, but merely a consequence of me having been thrown under the bus. I was under a lot of stress and I apologise for the way this situation was handled.

I do not agree with Brad’s approach as this led to members joining for the sole purpose of posting, and to me that’s not a community. This led to me feeling stressed from the constant messages from members and this is the true reason I deleted the posts. I feel like I was misled by not being informed of the situation beforehand.

I think it’s only fair a public statement is put out for the justice to those affected and to potential new members. I step down due to these unethical actions. I don’t feel like I am capable of improving this situation. I hope you understand :)