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We've had a database merge.
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Come hang out at Forum Explorers. You may even have an account due to the merge!
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Forum Explorers is one month old.
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Come hang out with us at https://forumexplorers.com
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We've rolled out some forums to help Webmasters/Administrators.

Exchanges/Job Hunt: https://forumexplorers.com/forums/exchanges-staff-hunt.133
Website Gossip: https://forumexplorers.com/forums/website-gossip.130
Reviews & Brainstorming: https://forumexplorers.com/forums/member-reviews-and-brainstorming.131
Battles: https://forumexplorers.com/forums/battles.136

And we have our Site Promotion: https://forumexplorers.com/forums/site-promotion.19

Come hang out with us at Forum Explorers! We can't wait to see you there! :)