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Welcome to our general discussion Speak chat forum.

To ensure a healthy and constructive environment for all members, please follow these rules:

1. Keep it civil: Personal attacks, harassment, hate speech, and discrimination will not be tolerated. You may attack the topic, but not other members.

2. Post in the appropriate section: Threads may be moved to the correct section with or without notice.

3. No spamming: Do not advertise without prior permission. This includes self-promotion and affiliate links.

4. Use appropriate content: Keep all content safe for work. Do not post explicit or illegal content. This includes images, videos, and links.

5. Be mindful of copyrights: Do not post copyrighted material without permission. This includes images, videos, and text.

6. No trolling: Do not post content with the intention of provoking users or causing disruption.

7. Follow instructions from staff members: Please PM me or @~ True Legend ~ if further clarification is required. However, arguing will not be tolerated. Remember to be polite and respectful!

8. One account per person: If you have account issues, please PM an administrator (currently me or @~ True Legend ~ ) for assistance. Abuse of the system with multiple registrations may lead to sanctions on your original account in addition to removal of the duplicate account.

9. No offensive avatars and usernames: Any avatar deemed to be offensive will be removed immediately. Repeat offences may result in sanctions. Offensive uernames may be deleted without notice, if so, you are welcome to re-register with an appropriate username.

10. Advertising: You may advertise your website in your signature only. Advertising elsewhere is prohibited.

Administrators and moderators reserve the right to:
  • remove, edit or move any content
  • apply sanctions (including forum bans, thread reply bans and permission revocations), temporarily or permanently, to user accounts

By following these rules, you can help make our forum a safe and constructive space for all members to participate. Thank you for your cooperation!

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