I am trying to organize my life but some people are making it difficult ...


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On the beginning of each day 24 hours are credited to every single person's life be it a millionaire or an indigent person.

But what we do in those 24 hours makes the difference.

Time is money.

You can do the following to get yourself organized :

Start early.

Waking up early will give you a head start for the day. Initially it would be a little difficult. Try to get up at least half an hour earlier than your usual time for ten days, for the next ten days wake up earlier by an hour. Keep on increasing until you start getting up at 5 in the morning.

Now you have at least two hours which you never had before. In these two hours you could study,meditate or do something productive.

Plan your day in advance.

Every night, before going to bed prepare a checklist of things which you have to do the next day along with the approximate time you think you'll take to do those things.

By doing this you will never forget the things which you have to do and you will also be knowing the amount of time that will be left after completing your work.

Remove distractions.

Say no to whatever is hindering you from achieving your goal. Be it friends,television, YouTube. Do not check notifications on your phone every moment unnecessarily.

Be motivated.

Put up a poster of the institution, in which you are planning to be in. Put up a motivational quote at your study table so that whenever you see it you get motivated.

Keep going.

There would be times when you will hit a low. Times when you will not be able to follow your schedule, times when you would not see results even after putting in a lot of effort. These are the testing times and if you survive these times nothing can stop you from being successful.

Good luck. :)
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